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Energy Services Company (ESCO)
M/S Stellar Rock as Energy Services Company (ESCO) is providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of:
Energy savings projects
Energy conservation
Energy infrastructure outsourcing
Power generation and energy supply
Risk management
Maximize energy savings, incentives and utility rebates
Improve the quality of your work environment
Meet organizational energy objectives
Verified energy savings that result in an improved bottom line
High Efficiency Motor & Pump Replacement
HVAC System Optimization
Boiler Replacement
Energy Management Systems (EMS)
Chiller Replacement
Water Conservation Services
M/S Stellar Rock (ESCO) starts by performing an in-depth analysis of the property, sometimes at risk, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period.

M/S Stellar Rock may help in businesses of all sizes run their organizations better, smarter and more efficiently than ever before. From large industrial complexes to commercial, healthcare and government facilities, M/S Stellar Rock’s experienced staff can help you manage each and every aspect of energy saving project.

The energy demands placed on today’s facilities are greater than ever. High electricity expenses are just seen as the cost of doing business. However, with M/s Stellar Rock’s turn-key project solutions incorporating innovative designs and state of the art technologies, you don’t have to accept high electricity expenses as an added cost of doing business.

With energy demand outpacing, conserving energy and saving money is becoming more important than ever. In order to meet these challenges, M/s Stellar Rock can launch turnkey project solution for your organization.
Energy Conservative Measures Can Help Your Company/ Organisation to:-
Save 35-75% on electricity costs
Raise the quality of your workplace which can lead to increased employee productivity and happiness
Increase profits by reducing input cost of doing business.
Prepare your existing facilities for a more environmentally-conscious as well as friendly.
Training the employees and staff with energy conservation procedures.
Your project may be eligible for incentives, which can cover a substantial portion of the cost of the project. M/s Stellar Rock obtains the best possible program for your business while insuring you receive a high quality solution that meets your needs. M/S Stellar Rock takes care of all the necessary paperwork and site inspections required for rebate approvals M/s Stellar Rock is able to provide your organization with a complete suite of energy efficiency solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you spend significantly less on energy while yielding a high return on investment and providing more sustainable, comfortable and productive environments.

To accomplish this, we identify energy inefficiencies, develop action plans and implement projects leveraging the expertise to provide the optimum energy efficiency solutions. This fully integrated team approach to system wide energy efficiency encompasses audit, engineering, design, project management, installation, measurement and verification and funding. M/s Stellar Rock handles all of the calculations, paperwork and approvals, inclusive of utility pre and post inspections as the rebate process can be cumbersome and complicated. M/S Stellar Rock’s engineered designs ensure that optimum energy saving solutions are realized with maximum rebates achieved.
Process & Procedures to Conduct & Implement ESCO Project-